ATEX Batteries

ATEX Batteries

PMBL design, assemble and manufacture ATEX batteries and have full production and testing facilities in the UK.

If you are looking for an ATEX battery that is designed to meet your own specific needs, whether it's for a new application or to replace an existing application that requires an upgrade to its ATEX power source, then get in touch with PMBL.

Alternatively, you may be unsure as to which battery technology is the right one for your product, if so PMBL can help.

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ATEX Batteries

The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC was designed to ensure that people who work in flammable and potentially explosive conditions take extra safety precautions. Battery powered equipment that is used in such environments, such as lamps, gas detectors, and air-monitoring devices, must be held to the highest safety standards.

The ATEX safety directive identifies electronic components that have built-in safety features designed to safeguard users who work under hazardous conditions and places the onus on equipment manufacturers for designing and testing their equipment to ensure that it incorporates all of the required safety features.

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There are several different technical design options available to ensure battery packs comply with the ATEX directive, including explosion-proof enclosures, specific protection devices and encapsulation. This includes the pre-certification standard of "Intrinsically Safe" (IS) components such as batteries that do not produce sparks and should not release electrical or thermal energy that could caused any sort of reaction, even when the component is abused (for example short circuited).

Rechargeable Li-ion, NiCd, and lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) are examples of IS batteries. The design of the ATEX battery or IS battery pack is very important and many factors must be considered in addition to environmental conditions, such as life cycle, performance and weight.

For long life, Li-ion ATEX batteries offer unrivalled nominal capacities, the most innovative feature is the ability to be charged and discharged over a wide temperature range, especially at low temperatures. 

The necessity for IS batteries is clear and PMBL have the experience to meet the demands of high-risk applications.

If you would like to understand how ATEX Batteries and Intrinsically Safe Batteries can help you deliver the power you need in the shape and size that your product requires, please get in touch.

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