Custom Designed ATEX Batteries

ATEX Hazardous Gas and Dust Environments

The Custom Designed ATEX Batteries, manufactured by PMBL has provided the most suitable battery solution to endless numbers of ambitious customers for over 25 years. Utilising the latest innovations and ATEX Battery technology improvements, PMBL's customer driven project management and design methodology has helped us deliver comprehensive custom designs, procurement and manufacturing solutions all using leading batteries and in particular for ATEX Batteries used by intrinsically safe applications.

Customer Requirements - Project Initiation.

Your Business Application. Your Project Timescales. Your Investment.

When dealing with intricately complex applications that will typically have to operate in extreme environments with high specifications and expactations to match, mean that PMBL have to deliver high quality solutions as a minimum standard.

The reputation of PMBL is built upon it's capability to deliver ATEX battery technology solutions plus excellent service coupled with a polite but objective, open approach.

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Integrated Custom Designed ATEX Batteries Service

What is ATEX? ATEX stands for ATmospheres EXplosible, and this highlights the extreme conditions that ATEX batteries live and operate in, especially those considered to be of a hazardous, or potentially explosive nature, and include environments that are both gaseous (typically petrochemical) and particle laden (dusty), such as flour mills, timber saw mills and many food processing plants.

Specifically an ATEX Batteries are specifically designed to conform to European Union directive 94/9/EC. This directive is designed to guarantee that battery powered equipment that is intended for use in environments that have potentially explosive atmospheres are designed and manufactured to the highest possible safety standards thereby offering the utmost levels of protection to equipment operators in those areas.

Custom Designed ATEX Batteries - The Comprehensive PMBL Service.

Design, certification and manufacture of batteries is a critical part of developing equipment intended for use in hazardous areas (ATEX/IECEx). The Custom Designed ATEX Battery engineers at PMBL have extensive knowledge and experience of working with the intrinsic safety (Ex ia/Ex ib) and flameproof (Ex d) safety protection concepts that are typically used in battery powered devices.

Over many years of working with our clients, PMBL have a wide portfolio of experience that can help get to the key design requirements for ATEX/IECEx battery products that can often result in a better solution design, with shorter development and testing phases, using the most appropriate battery components allowing easier integration into the end product. This greatly enhances the product ready for full production and distribution from our UK (Somerset) manufacturing site.

Custom Designed ATEX Batteries are considered for:

  • Dangerous Gas Detectors
  • Un-interupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Hazardous area Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Mining Lamps
  • Handheld crack detectors and non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Remote monitoring equipment used in hazardous areas and environments
  • Plus many more

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PMBL can manufacture your ATEX Battery Packs with cells from the UK's leading battery manufacturers.

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