Zinc Batteries

PMBL design, assemble and manufacture zinc battery packs. We have full production and testing facilities in the UK and a team of engineers on hand to discuss your requirements and develop a solution for you.

Advantages of Zinc Batteries

Features of zinc-dry cells include:

  • Cell Voltage: 1.5V (nominal) 0.8 (cut-off)
  • Cell Voltage: 1.5V (nominal) 0.8 (cut-off)
  • Temperature Range: -5° C to +55° C
  • Shelf Life: 2 to 3 years to 80% capacity (20° C)
  • Energy by Volume: 0.06-0.12 Watt Hour/cubic centimeter
  • Capacity: 60mAh-30Ah Energy by Weight: 9 Watt Hour/Kilogram

The zinc-carbon-ammonium chloride "dry," or Leclanche cell, system is old having been developed in the 1800s. The zinc-carbon-zinc chloride system is a heavy-duty version of the Leclanche cell. These cells were manufactured in the United States and Europe throughout the twentieth century until it became cost prohibitive.

These cells have limited shelf life and are susceptible to leakage, especially if ambient storage temperatures rise above 40° C.They provide good low cost performance for applications such as toys, radios, and flashlights. Low cost is the best reason to select this type of cell for your product..

Applications For Zinc Batteries:

Clocks, Communications Equipment, Electronic Calculators, Flashlights, Penlights, Measuring Instruments, Portable TVs, Super 8 Cameras and other Photographic Products, Tape Recorders, and Portable Radios..

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